• Noticing your funky patterns in love and seeing yourself stuck in the same cycle over and over again?
  • Tired of being taken for granted and overlooked in your relationships?
  • New to the journey of healing?
  • Ready to feel more confident, more empowered and just... BETTER.... in dating, love and life?
  • Having the strength to walk away from the relationship where you're treated like crap
  • Total freedom over your thoughts (yes, even the obsessive ones about him)
  • Complete confidence in yourself and your body
  • Knowing, deep down in your soul, you are worthy of SO much more... and receiving it easily
  • Having happy, healthy, fun partners, friends and coworkers in your life (instead of the ones who draaaaaaain you)
  • Loving yourself more deeply than you've ever loved another person
  • ...And becoming the woman you came here to be

Introducing one of my favourite things ever...

Infinite Love Membership!!! 

  • Be fully supported in your journey to becoming the most confident, embodied version of you  
  • Receive every single thing you need to have healthy relationships in every area of your life  
  • Gain access to step-by-step guides, journaling prompts, meditations and video trainings to heal yourself, open your heart and change your life 
  • Receive the practical tools you need to heal your dating drama  


  • Learn at your own pace, choosing when to watch new content and when to binge on our back-catalogue  
  • Receive support from Cheryl and have the ability to ask her a question, anytime

Infinite Love Membership Includes: 

Weekly Video Trainings: Make transformation part of your routine with a new videos every week

Monthly Meditations: Connect to your soul and upgrade your vibration through channeled activations and healings

Monthly Q&As: Be guided, supported and held through your healing and receive personalised support from Cheryl

Our Back Catalogue: Get access to our existing bank of 50+ videos the moment you sign up.

User-Friendly Membership Portal: Save time and be efficient AF with an easy-to-use, beautiful membership portal built in CourseCraft 

"What does the membership portal look like, Cheryl?" Take a tour with us!

Fancy trying it out?

Watch 5 free lessons here

(my favourite: The Release Your Trauma Healing ✨🙏💫)

  • A Bonus Course: Free Yourself From Twin Flame Drama Meditation Series Contains 16 full-length meditations to support your twin flame healing journey Value: £199  

^^ The only twin flame program available from me 

  • Ask Me Anything: The ability to ask for support from me, anytime you're stuck Value: priceless! 


  • Discount codes: A loyalty code for 10% off all existing + future CourseCraft digital programs Value: up to £50 off per program

  • No ongoing monthly dues #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat
  • Pay once and have lifetime membership
  • Choose to pay your lifetime membership in 1 x payment, or choose a payment plan that fits your budget

Lifetime Membership Is a one-time payment of £499*

*£499 = British Pounds Sterling. Convert to your local currency.

Rachel, United States

"I have an amazing connection with Cheryl. She's helped me have a better understanding - not just of my twin flame experience - but of myself. I feel more empowered and confident in myself. What Infinite Love provided me with is a strong community of supportive women. We're all here together and it's been incredible.

What I love about Cheryl is she doesn't just give you tools and tips. She also asks you questions you don't really want to hear, but it's where the beauty is. She knows what to ask to help you process and understand what you need to work on within. I give Cheryl so any props for what she's done for me.

If you're considering joining Infinite Love, I highly recommend it. I'm forever grateful for it."

Abigail, England

"Before I joined Infinite Love, I felt tormented and caged by thoughts surrounding a past partner. I didn't understand my thoughts and feelings.

Through Infinite Love, I was guided to find my own answers and my own truth, which is extremely important to me. And connecting with others who understood this journey was a complete godsend.

I love the way Cheryl works. She gives it to you straight, but kindly and compassionately.

After Infinite Love I felt clearer, and understood what I had been through and that it had purpose and meaning in my life. I felt free.

Join Infinite Love, and don't look back. It will change the trajectory of your life."

Jennifer, United States

"I felt supported and cherished. Infinite Love was a safe place for me to be me and share my truth with others on a similar journey. If you're thinking about joining Infinite Love, do it."

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Cheryl Muir is a Relationship Pattern Interrupter who helps frustrated women gain power over the dating drama that consumes them.  

Cheryl’s superpower is identifying the themes and patterns causing chaos in the love lives of smart women, and by zeroing in on the core wound behind each pattern, Cheryl’s clients shift in just one session. Cheryl is no-nonsense, and has an unorthodox approach to healing from karmic love connections. Based in England, Cheryl is a Certified Life Coach with a decade of experience in the study of the human condition.  

Her work has been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine, The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal and Tiny Buddha, as well as the Plenty of Fish and Go Dates blogs.  

Want to know what’s keeping you stuck in love? Take Cheryl’s quiz, What’s My Relationship Pattern, at www.cherylmuir.com.